Levy Restaurants Online Alcohol Compliance Training

All vendors must also go through the Levy Restaurants (our client) Alcohol Compliance Training which is a brief online training course. Here are the instructions to complete this course.

  • Go to Website: https://levy.restaurant.org/
  • You will be taken directly to the “Responsible Alcohol Service Training” page
    Your password is – LEVY in all caps and is case sensitive. Click “Login”
  • Type in your personal information (Name, age, gender, SS# use 0000, birth date, place of birth (city and state)
  • Date of employment (enter: 3/4/2016)
  • Job Title (select from drop down – Non-Profit**)**EMS Vending is a FOR PROFIT company but to make it work on this website we have to select Non-Profit**
  • Non-Profit Group Name (EMS Vending)
  • Location Code (select your home state/stadium).
  • Answer the question about Alcohol related Felony.
  • Skip over the employment history and Click “Begin”
  • There are 20 test questions that are presented along with the literature to read while answering this section. Once you have completed this section you will be taken to the test. After you have answered the 20 questions, Click “Review”
  • If you have answers that are incorrect, they will be highlighted in blue and you are able to go back and read over the information and correct you answer. Then click “I agree.”
  • The following screen will prompt you to put in an e-mail address. Please enter: work@emsvending.com. If you enter your own email address by mistake, please forward the results to work@emsvending.com – these results will be verified before you are allowed to work.

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