Pay Information

The most important question that many of us ask about a job is how much does it pay? The great thing about this job is you get paid depending on how hard you work. Our standard pay for walking vendors is commission based pay. Based on past history of commissions plus credit tips walking vendors are typically paid an equivalent rate of no less than $15/hr. and often greater than $45/hr. at each event.

Commissions On Beer Sales:
Commissions for walking beer vendors can range from 5% – 20% of net sales for walking vendors. Walking vendors typically sell between $500 and $4,000 per event day.

Tips On Beer Sales:
Credit Card tips typically range from $90 – $200 per $1,000 in net sales

Tipping Back Of The House Staff:
For cashless events we tip pool and typically withhold 10% – 20% of your tips, going to back of the house staff for tip sharing
For cash events the expectation is that you tip out at least $1 per case of beer that you sell to the back of the house staff for tip sharing

Special Events, Portables and Non-Alcohol Sales:

If the commission varies from our base commission schedule shown above it will be included in the event details at signup If it is not included on the signup page please assume that the above commission schedule applies or reach out to the manager of the event to confirm

For stationary beer or alcohol portables the base pay is $10/hr. (or min wage if greater) or 6% commission or less

For non-alcohol sales commissions for walkng vendors can range from 10% to 25% of net sales